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UPCOMING COURSE | October 1, 2024

The transformative Yoga Method offers a holistic approach to the practice. It is designed for you to embark on a journey of self transformation, a step closer to the version of yourself you already envision.

Dive deeper into the life teachings of Yoga and learn how to master the innate wisdoms of your body.
Thanks to my Sequencing Method we create clarity and give specific tools on how to achieve complicated asanas and advance in your practice.

Awake you practice and evoke your inner teacher!

What is Transformative Yoga?

“This training definitely exceeded my expectations,
I never thought it could be so complete.“

Hear it from my students

How to choose a suitable practice on
alllevels: physical - mental - emotional

What you will learn

Yoga anatomy

Wisdom of the 4 elements - Practice
in: Earth - Air - Fire - Water

Holistic approach to yoga and life

Transformative Sequencing method

Fundamental asanas of Hatha
and Vinyasa yoga

Pranayama & Meditation

Yoga marketing - Creating your first yoga

Personal growth & yoga business

Yoga philosophy






graduated students back to
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This yoga teacher training is Yoga Alliance® certified.

Community chat

  • Connect to your fellow students around the world
  • Know the updates about the course
  • Share your practice
  • Receive feedback

Personal support with your mentor

  • During the entire course, you can ask questions directly from your mentor and receive personal feedback

Optional 5 day in-person training

  • Join us for a 5-day training in Barcelona
  • Try different modalities of Transformative Yoga method
  • Practice physical adjustments and modifications
  • Invited teachers (handstanding, meditation workshops)
  • Try Yoga Wheel and SUP Yoga classes

2 months of online live classes via Zoom

  • Includes full classes, lectures, and workshops, Q&A, personal feedback to each student, practice teaching
  • All classes are recorded and available on replay

2 Private coaching sessions

  • 30-minute session at the beginning of the course to create clarity and set your intentions
  • 30-minute session at the end of the course to create an action plan for achieving your goals

One year access to the online platform

  • 20 Modules (study at your own schedule)
  • Each module includes: a full class, workshop, lecture
  • Comment section to ask questions directly from your mentors

Once you enroll you will get...


Transformative Method
Here, I share my method with you, allowing you to imprint your unique value onto your practice. A personalized journey that resonates authentically with your individual needs, goals, and inner essence.
_Theory: Discover the "why" behind the practice.
_Practical: Explore the magical transformation through daily commitment to your practice.
_Personal: Evoke your inner teacher and find your own voice.

Along with all the skills and knowledge, you will receive invaluable intangible insights into self-mastery and self-discipline for your future career.

Personalized training
I am here to guide and support you along the way. The course offers a highly personal approach: 2 months of live Zoom classes + 2 private 1-on-1 coaching sessions, ensuring a powerful transformation for all students.

Our Community
With over 50 in-person teacher trainings, we have connected and shared our wisdom while developing individual clarity into the practice. We stay connected and create a global network of Transformative Method teachers.



Lead teacher and founder of TYS


Meditation and breath


Osteopath and anatomy teacher


Handstanding and body movement



  • Joelle
    Kuwait. Joined to become a yoga teacher

    It’s been the most inspiring part of my Yoga journey up until now. Thank you Ekaterina for all the energy you've given us and all the amazing support to the whole group!
  • Valentina
    Italy. Joined to upgrade her teaching skills

    The best decision I made! I learned so much!! About teaching yoga, sequencing my classes in a new way and to bring my yoga business on a new level.
  • Sonia
    Poland. Joined to go deeper into personal practice

    I first did the 25h yoga wheel course with Ekaterina and I absolutely loved it! Then I joined the 200h course to go deeper in my personal practice and the course was fantastic. I really recommend this course to everyone!
  • Kristina
    USA. Joined to become a yoga teacher

    In this course, I realized I am so much more than I thought I was. I found my inner power and self-acceptance. Thank you so much, Ekaterina and TYS! It was such a powerful and transformative experience.
  • Elizabeth
    UK. Joined to improve personal yoga practice

    This course gave me so much more than I expected!!! I loved meeting all the girls, we became very close over such a short period of time. And my yoga practice feels more solid now.
  • Elsa
    Italy. Joined to become a yoga teacher

    It was so much more than just yoga training! With 2 kids it’s hard to travel, online was the best option for me. It was a fantastic experience and I am so grateful I did it!

Student video-Reviews

There is a reason why you are here, maybe several.
But the most important one is that you love yourself,
and you've taken the big step of dedicating this space
to personal and professional growth.

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Online + In-person 200h training

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Here is the first step to a journey of self-mastery.

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* 5 payment plan available

Most common questions

Yes you can.
• Welcome •

Become a certified yoga teacher, go deeper into your practice

Transform your practice – Transform your life

Yoga asana

  • Fundamental asanas of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga
  • Asana families and how they relate
  • Asana functions and effects
  • Specific drills (exercises) to achieve intermediate & advanced asanas
  • Adjustments & modifications
  • How to choose a suitable practice on all levels: physical - mental - emotional
  • Practice in 4 elements: Earth - Air - Fire - Water
  • Practice different styles of classes: Transformative yoga - Yoga Wheel - Yin Yoga - SUP Yoga

Pranayama & Meditation

  • Anatomy of breath
  • Introduction to pranayama
  • Pranayama and its effects in the nervous system
  • Practice basic pranayamas
  • Practice more advanced pranayamas
  • Practice teaching pranayama
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Different styles of meditation
  • Practice meditation & meditation diary
  • Practice teaching meditation
  • Includes lectures with Angelica Soler

Yoga anatomy

  • Applied yoga anatomy
  • How to adapt yoga asana based on personal anatomic specifics
  • Yoga physiology
  • Biomechanics for yoga asana
  • Includes lectures with Dr. Jake White

yoga method

  • Introduction to Transformative Yoga and its Origins
  • Basics of class sequencing
  • Transformative Sequencing method: learn how to sequence your yoga classes to make them effective, fun and attract new students
  • Unleash your creativity: learn to create new yoga asanas
  • Yoga teaching tools
  • Wisdom of the 4 elements
  • Holistic approach to yoga and life

Yoga philosophy

  • Yoga origins and its history
  • Introduction to yoga philosophy
  • Most influential philosophical text of yoga
  • Most influential yoga teachers and styles
  • Yoga philosophy in the modern world

Personal growth
& yoga business

  • 2 private one-on-one coaching sessions with your mentor to determine your personal & professional goals and how to achieve them
  • Yoga business: where to start and how to continue
  • Yoga marketing
  • Creating your first yoga event

Course Syllabus

Transformative yoga teacher training connects traditional yoga philosophy with an anatomy-based view on asana and class sequencing. Learn a holistic approach to yoga & life balance.

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance International

After successful graduation from this course, you will be qualified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT® 200) and ready to teach yoga internationally.

Your Certification

Yes you can.

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In our ever-changing world, how empowering is it to know that you are able to create your own abundance?

Whether you decide to teach yoga and make it your profession or dive deeper into your personal practice – choose yourself today!

Investment in your personal growth and education is the best decision you can make today

Tuition Investment

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Feel free to ask me anything about the training and I will answer back promtly

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