Yin Yoga
Teacher Training

25-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Course
Discover the sweetness of Self Love and Inner Peace by slowing down and directing your attention inwards.

Discover Yin Yoga and its benefits

Yin Yoga

In the world where we have less time for everything, more anxiety and stress on a daily basis, Yin Yoga is a drop of healing balm. It takes its roots in Hatha yoga and the wisdom of Tradicional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Yin Yoga opens up a holistic approach to your practice, inviting you to find balance on a very deep level.

Allows us to work on ¨Yin tissues¨ 
– ligaments, joints, fascia

Improves joint mobility

Increases blood circulation

Improves flexibility

Balances the internal organs and the flow of Chi (vital energy)

Reduces stress and anxiety

Inhances sensitivity

Awakens your inner wisdom

It took me many years to create this course, as I find the Yin Yoga practice the deepest of all.

As a professional coach I tell my clients: all the answers are already within, you just have to let go of fears/stories/obstackles that prevent you from hearing them.

For me Yin Yoga is as powerful as coaching session with your closest friend - your own body.

How many secrets does it keep? How many answers can it give you? Simply slow down and listen…

Course Overview

Here's what you will learn

The course is 100% online (so you can adapt it to your schedule and study at your own pace). It also includes 5 live classes available on recording if you cannot join live.

  • Theory of Yin & Yang in Taoism
  • Qualities of Yin & Yang
  • 5 Elements of TCM
  • History of Yin Yoga
  • Yin yoga anatomy
  • Energetical anatomy of TCM
  • Yin Yoga Asanas
  • Yang Yoga Asanas
  • Yin Yoga practice according to each element of TCM
  • Yin Yoga class sequencing
  • Teaching Yin Yoga

Course syllabus:

Absolutely anyone for self study

In our humble opinion the whole world can benefit from a bit of Yin Practice right now. It is time to slow down, take care of one self and each other with compassion and respect.

That is why this course is open for absolutely everyone for self study: yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, absolute beginners in yoga.

Yoga teachers

If your goal is receiving a teaching certificate and give Yin Yoga classes after completing the course, please make sure that you already have a 200-hour Teacher Training Certificate. In this case this course will be counted towards 25-hour continuous education with Yoga Alliance, and you will be entitled to give Yin Yoga classes in addition to other styles you may teach.

If you are planning to focus exclusively on teaching Yin Yoga, we recommend you to consider a bit deeper course (100-hour yin teacher training).

Who can join the course

• All you are searching for is already within •

All you are searching for is already within. Please take a pause…..listen to your body.

listen to your body

It is sensitive like water, grounded as earth, decisive as metal, bright as fire, inspired for new beginnings as a tree after a long winter.

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Most common questions

Yes, the school is an official member of the Yoga Alliance and the course is registered with it.
Yes, the school is an official member of the Yoga Alliance and the course is registered with it.

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